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I met him at a New York City gay club (he had made the trek from Long Island), and I'm embarrassed to say that we sort of hit it off.

On the first of a few dates, I asked him where he worked—and whether people there knew he was gay.

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It might hurt you some, but it's not like if you're black and gay, because then it's like you've let down the whole black community, black women, black history, black pride." I called Rakeem recently to ask him what he thought about white guys claiming to be on the Down Low.

"Are you really asking to me to explain the behavior of white dudes? "I'm not even going to try." Next I called Jimmy Hester, a white former music executive and an expert on the Down Low.

"What haven't white people stolen from black culture? "But seriously, it's incredibly sad that there are still millions of men of every color living in the closet, or on the Down Low, or whatever they want to call it.

27 and lasting through the new year, while supplies last.

If you plan on wearing a fancy dress for New Year's Eve, you might as well do it up and have a black-tie Starbucks drink to match!

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